Notions of Place

December 11, 2021-January 4, 2022

RiverSea Gallery  |  Astoria, Oregon

IMAGE-1_The Morning Patrol.jpg

As a transplant from the flat lands of Florida to the verdant and mountainous terrain of western Oregon, I am in endless awe of the vast landscapes that surround us daily. This is especially true on our northernmost coast. As the sunlight changes with tides and weather, casting its color across the sky, I find myself lost in the clouds, contemplating the existence of the fisher, the ship captain, the birds (and the occasional whale).

The sense of place is palpable here.

What elements converge in this part of the world to give it such strong character? Is it the natural beauty? Our connections to the land and sea? Our histories?

In my art, I attempt to create a tactile experience from these intangible notions- the sentiments that drive my deep and abiding love for this place I call “home.” It is with childlike abandon that I lay down soft washes of watercolor, torn remnants, and textural layers of paper snips. An occasional pencil scribble indicates my reverie as I lose myself in reverence. Here, my thoughts gather and take form- scissors and paste working hard to capture the ephemeral moods of my surroundings and the joy they bring (both the surroundings and the scissors).

I truly hope that my artwork conveys even a portion of the wonder I feel while living in this part of the world, and that it also asks you to consider your perceptions of Oregon’s north coast, your ideas of home, and your notions of place.  

In the news...

Thank you to Zoë Buchli, Hailey Hoffman, and Alyssa Evans for putting together such a lovely article about Papernoten, and thank you to Our Coast Weekend for letting me have the artist spotlight!

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Photo Credit: Hailey Hoffman / The Astorian