Our Mission

Our mission is to love, learn about, and care for this amazing world around us- as well as the people in it. With thoughtful art and design, we encourage you to take a breath, find calm when you need it, and joy to share with others. Help us shift modern culture from one of fast-paced productivity and consumption to one of gratitude and deep appreciation for all that we have- including the earth we call home.

As Papernoten grows, join us in cultivating a “less is more” mindset. Let’s eschew this modern, hectic life, and develop a daily rhythm that is slower, more mindful, deliberate and grateful for the natural wonders that greet us daily.


Meet the Artist and Owner

Lindsey Aarts was born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida and graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Art History and Museum Studies.

In 2009, she headed west to Portland, Oregon. For the last twelve years, Lindsey has worked as a freelance graphic designer but began focusing on her personal art practice when she moved to Astoria in 2017.

Like so many, Lindsey is deeply inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Her watercolor illustrations and mixed media collages reflect her profound love for the local flora and fauna and are often set in the vast and familiar landscapes that surround the town she now calls home.